Sunday, March 14, 2004


It makes the world go round, what am I? The gravitational pull of the moon. Okay smarty-pants that was a correct not the correct answer. The answer I was actually looking for was MONEY, dough, the cold hard green stuff, cash.
The bane of all our lives, especially those of students.
With the proposed top up fees what can we as students expect to find in store for ourselves?
'A college education never hurt anybody who was willing to learn after he got it.' Well a university education is definately gonna hurt us in our pockets.

The annual cost of higher learning is £1,250.00, the fee will vary depending on the income of individuals and guardians. The fee is also different for international students depending on the course £8,750 being the most expensive for a laboratory based subject and £7,250 for a classroom-based subject.

The government plans to give universities the power to charge up to £3,000 for a course.

People may not think this is a lot but the costs will add up, here is an example of what the costs could end up being.

A standard university course lasts for three years,
£3,000 x 3 years= 9,000

Accom odation for the first year at halls of accommodation. The most expensive room is £87.75 per week for 40 weeks
£87.75 x 40 weeks= £3,510
The cheapest room is £68.00 x 40 weeks= £2,720
so far the cost has come up to £12,510/£11,720.
This total excludes accommodation for the next two years of your course, living costs such as food and equipment that you are going to need for your course.
So why are the government making such a proposal besides trying to be more like America the reason is that he believes there is not enough money being invested in the educational system to enable British learning instituitions to compete with ivory league schools in America, this way more money can be invested into educational tools.
As usual I am going to provide you with the relevant links to educate yourself further on the matter.

TRUTH... you should know the drill by now.

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