Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I have to make amendments for my post dated Sunday, March 14th 2004. I forgot to provide you with the relevant links to websites that I feel would be helpful. Well here they are:-



Sorry about the oversight
Remember truth is a right not a privilege


Of late I find a lot of different genres creeping into my music playlist, it got me thinking about what this weeks blog could be about. As a treat I decided as a relief from all the serious topics of before I would take you on a trip through my Top 10 Slow Jam tunes, in no particular order.

Why Slow Jamz you ask, why not garage or bashment well i'm going to tell you.
Slow Jamz creeped into my CD rotation when I met such a sexy guy who for arguments sake I will call Mr. K.
He wasn't as interested as I hoped he would have been, which was cool, I swear i've moved on, honestly, I promise.
As a result of this unfortunate incident Slow Jamz have been in heavy rotation in my sound system making me feel worse but I can't seem to help myself.

So I will kick start the chart at number 10 with Mariah Carey: Breakdown, anyone that claims to know anything about music will know that this is a big tune. It speaks to the soul and you can relate to the words.
Even though it is in no particular order I see myself running into trouble already. There are so many great tracks I don't know who I should include.
Here goes number nine is... Donell Jones: This Love.
I'm beginning to get into this now, number eight is a classic H-town: Knocking Boots
Number seven alot of debate but it has to be R. Kelly: Seems like your ready
At this stage it would be easy for me to name another Mariah Carey tune such as Always be my baby or another Donell, lets say 'Life Goes On' but I have to give everyone a chance so number six is going to be Cameo with 'Candy'
We are going Motown with this next one number five from the late, great Marvin Gaye and 'Sexual Healing'
Number four another classic from Sade with 'Think i'd leave your side' the Neptune remix its sending tingles down my arms as the melody seductively dances towards my ears, enough of that see what Slow Jamz do.
Its getting harder again
Number three is anyones guess, but after careful consideration it had to be Jodeci this would be a rubbish top ten is they were not included, only problem is what track. I have decided to opt for Do you believe in love?
Aaliyah and 'Four Page Letter' inspired me to write many letters to many guys, that I was supposedly in "love" with. Its easy to bear your soul on paper she knew the situation well, its evident in the lyrics. Number two is Aaliyah with 'Four Page Letter'

One more spot to go whose it going to be? I don't even know myself i'm going for a time out, it needs some serious thought.
alright who can it be Micheal Jackson with Never can say goodbye, Butterfly or Ben
Well the number one has to go to Boyz II Men with On bended knees

Ah hah I bet you thought that I was going to let you off easy, well i'm not.
There is a lesson to be learned in here believe it or not.
Break ups are always going to be hard whether you are the dumper or the dumpee, it doesn't make it the end of the world, life goes on. There is truth in the saying there are plenty more fish in the water.
I promise there will come a day when you can look back and laugh or cringe at the whole incident.
For now console yourself with images of them in excruciating pain.
Here are some webites to help you through this difficult transition.
This one is just for the ladies
Heres one for everyone
And just for the guys don't think i've forgotten you
And this is the Love Test, enjoy

Until next time, stay safe

Remember truth is a right not a privilege

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