Friday, April 16, 2004

The sun is shining; spring has finally arrived.
Spring is often considered a time of new beginnings so this week's blog is about spring fashions, what's hot and what's not.

Brace yourself for a stylish kaleidoscopes summer. Catwalks all over the place are brimming with rich euphoric symphony of bold, vibrating hues, preferably in total looks, from cat-suits to pantsuits, and from flirty dresses to quirky separates.
The gemstone colour palette is predominant and often accentuated with metallic or iridescent touches on some seriously impressive sapphire, emerald or ruby numbers. There was also cobalt blue, turquoise and cyan, bottle green, lime and chartreuse, flaming orange, tangerine and magenta, as well as a series of electrifying pinks and dazzling reds

This time around, fifties styles come much more relaxed and laid-back, yet unmistakably feminine and elegant. There are many examples such as dirndl skirts and tulle party dresses that accentuate the waist and the bust. Pencil skirts and tapered pants that accentuate the hourglass figure. Capri pants paired with shirts tied at the waist and swagger coats belted at the waist. Crop jackets and short cardigans. Sexy halter tops and serene blouses three-quarter sleeves and rolled sleeves.
Nautical stripes for sailor-looks and dressed up shorts for preppie looks. Structured bags and round-toe shoes.
It's simply full-on glamour at its best.

Enough with the clothing already it's all about the accessories

For accessories Asian,wildlife jewelry is where it's at, many shops such as Topshop, Mango and Zara have a wide variety at reasonable prices.

Last on the agenda are the handbags, you can't go wrong with leather or canvas.

Until next time

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